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LatviaDental limited time offer: valid through 16.01.2016

Get sparkling smile for the Christmas for only 169 Euros ! Only for guests from Finland!

You have a great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and elegant city in the world, to get bright emotions and attractive smile at the same time (during two days).

During two days we will provide you:
- FREE one night stay at in the very heart of Riga center
- dental health diagnostics in LatviaDental office
- panoramic Х-Ray, which allows to see any hidden complications or even cavity in first stage immediately
- consultation regarding your future dental treatment
- one of 2 possible teeth whitening programs individually adopted to patient's needs (teeth whitening or cosmetic restoration of one tooth)

We offer :

1)teeth whitening:
- your own 2 custom made night whitening trays for safe long lasting whitening treatment at home
-whitening gel kit including 2 tubes for upper and lower teeth
-comfortable travel box for safe and clean care
-BONUS: a special tooth paste for continuous harmless whitening result


2) One tooth cosmetic restoration using high aesthetic composite material very close to natural tooth enamel.
 please see examples of restoration cases here >>

Please contact us, book your appointment and discover why people all over the world choose LatviaDental!


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