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1. Testimonials
(Latvia Dental/About Latvia Dental)
... a lot, they are following the modern use (technologies) in dentistry. So my friends, if you want to fix your life and your teeth you can visit this office for sure. 24 October 2014    ...
2. Dominique Modica
(Latvia Dental/Staff)
Domains of expertises Dental surgery 
§ Plastic gum surgery 
§ Cosmetic dentistry  ...
3. Aesthetic Dentistry
(Treatment/Aesthetic Dentistry)
    Facial Aesthetic ⇒ Gaps Closing ⇒  ...
4. Before your visit
(Travel/Visit our clinic)
You might think that traveling to Latvia for having dental treatments or cosmetic dentistry is complicated and involves a lot of hassle. The reality is that if you decide on having your treatment in Latvia ...
5. Our Staff
(Latvia Dental/Staff)
...  Biography: Latvia Medical Academy and Cosmetic Dentistry course graduate. Doctor is Latvia and Irish chartered dentist. She is one of the few prominent cosmetic ...
6. About Latvia Dental Clinic
(Latvia Dental/About Latvia Dental)
... Dentistry, Periodontology and Oral Implantology. Prevention of oral diseases is the focal point of our mission. We help our patients enhance the perfection given to them by nature and preserve their ...
7. Aesthetic Dentistry

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