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1. Testimonials
(Latvia Dental/About Latvia Dental)
... have helped me to really improve my oral health by creating good interdental spaces on my teeth. They also helped me to find the best oral health products and explained me how to use them. Thanks for all ...
2. Dominique Modica
(Latvia Dental/Staff)
Doctor Dominique Modica Doctor in dental surgery Periodontist Oral implantologist Doctor in forensic medicine    ...
3. Panoramic X-ray
(Latvia Dental/Useful Information)
... can look at what is happening beneath the visible oral tissues. They pose a far smaller risk than many undetected and untreated dental problems.    ...
4. Our Staff
(Latvia Dental/Staff)
... and Dental Wellness promoter. She is an exclusive consultant for one of the leading oral care brands.      Dr. Irina ...
5. Where to stay in Riga
(Travel/Accommodation in Riga)
... Room Coral Section Available  ...
6. About Latvia Dental Clinic
(Latvia Dental/About Latvia Dental)
... Dentistry, Periodontology and Oral Implantology. Prevention of oral diseases is the focal point of our mission. We help our patients enhance the perfection given to them by nature and preserve their ...

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