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Latvia mostly is known with its capitals Riga Old town and seaside – Jurmala.
Riga – the heart of Baltics, fascinating city of Art Nouveau, every year survives large waves of tourism groups, searching for fun, culture or romance. And everybody find something for himself: narrow noisy streets of Old Riga, riverside with its small boats, and charming cafes, sundown, horse carts, street musicians and artists. There is definitely something charming in the atmosphere of Old Town.

A lot of museums – medicine, nature, sun, history and navigation, porcelain and others – are always ready to fulfill your curiosity. But if you like more relaxed rest – you are welcomed in Jurnala! The magnificent seaside region with great beach, carousels, cafes and a lot of different events and concerts every year…
But this is only one part of Latvia! For the real tourist there are more other thing to see!

Gaujas National Park

GaujaA beautiful unique nature park in Gauja river’s valley with beautiful nature views, caves, nature trails, handicraft workshops and some architecture objects. There are several tourist places to stay with the tent, possibilities to go with the boat down the river and to go for excursion around park to see nature, handicrafts, architecture and animals outdoors. But the biggest treasure of the GNP is nature with unique nature objects like sandstone detritions.
Besides that in GNP you can go bungee jumping above the Gauja river, go with the wagon above the river and enjoy the view on the valley from the air.

Rundale castle

RundaleBaroque era palace ensemble with the castle, stalls and park. Castle special value determined by the space a single artistic decoration, though the formations and paintings are spoiled with time and historical happenings castle still stands with its magnificent beauty as the symbol of the majesty. Thematic exhibitions are sometimes made in castle, as well some permanent exhibitions are fitted too. French garden will can be viewed at ornamental parterre, three swimming pools with a fountain, green theater, Dutch, and Blue boskets.

Adventure parks

Gutmana caveHuman made private parks with entertainment for children and adults: barrier tracks (by land, by air), paintball, climbing, boat trips, air tunnel and others…

Golf fields

GolfSomebody will say, that golf is not typical for Latvia, but there are some great gulf fields for you to enjoy the game!

Aqua parks and SPA complexes

SPAThere are some aqua parks in Latvia – open air and “indoor”. The smallest is in Riga close to the Old Town. Two big are in Jurmala – one open type and one “indoor”. SPA complexes are available in Riga as well as in Jurmala – you will be surprised with the range of possible procedures!
A lot of fun in pools, extreme on water attractions and relaxation in bath houses or in SPA will wait for you there!


Wide range of possibilities where to go during the night! Both – Riga and Jurmala – are very attractive and hospitable in this case. A lot of night clubs, pubs, thematic bars for your choice. Or maybe evening trip by vessel to the sea to watch the sunset…


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