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RigaOne of the most beautiful countries on the coast of Baltic sea, Latvia is attractive with so many things: beautiful nature and seaside, pipe zones and golden- purple sunsets, Riga – the city of Art Nouveau, amber, mysterious rituals, culture coming from the beginning of paganism and so much more…

But not only outer beauty makes this country so attractive. Latvia has high level of the medicine services, professional approach and affordable prices – all that make it one of the most favorable treatment countries in European Union. Besides medical services Latvia is attractive also with its beauty industry. Huge specter of different beauty and relaxation procedures will bring you unforgettable pleasure. Why to go to Latvia to get all that? First of all – you can get more for fewer prices and can be sure about quality of services! Second - it is easy reachable! Riga International Airport is the biggest in Baltics and work more than with 10 different air companies (To view flight possibilities go here). Just few hours from any European country and you will meet fascinating city of Art Nouveau.


Despite Latvia Dental is a clinic which specialize on the dental treatment, we can organize also other treatment possibilities for you (To view all possibilities go here) as well as take care of your transportation, accommodation and entertainment. We will lead your journey from the ramp and till the taxi back to airport for your flight home. No commission fee!


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