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Doctor Dominique Modica

Dominique Modica

  • Doctor in dental surgery
  • Periodontist
  • Oral implantologist
  • Doctor in forensic medicine


Professional objectives

Development of the implantologist methods using the concept of immediat loading, 2005 implants turnover: more than 400 / year

Domains of expertises

Dental surgery 
§ Plastic gum surgery 
§ Cosmetic dentistry

§ Connective tissue graft 
§ Bone regeneration 
§ Guide tissue regeneration

Oral Implantologist 
§ Bone grafting 
§ Immediat loading implant 
§ Full mouth reconstruction

Oral esthetical surgery 
§ Gum surgery 
§ Full mouth reconstruction

Forensic Medicine 
§ Expert by the law 
§ Expert by the Insurances companies 

Professional Expertises

Since 1988


Implantologist in Paris, France

Since 1988


Paris, France

Since 1998

Expert in Forensic

Paris, France

Since 1992

Doctor in Cosmetic Dentistry

Paris, France



Post Graduate of Periodontology

Tuft’s University, Boston, USA


Post graduate in oral implantology

Paris, Cochin Hospital,France

Doctor in Dental Surgery

1984, Lille University, CHRU Lille, France



Dominique MODICA is born in 1958. He is graduate Dental Surgeon in 1984 and Doctor in Dental Surgery in 1985 in LILLE university (France ). After 3 years as a familly Dentist he starts a program of spécialisation in periodontology for 2 years in Tuft’s university (Boston U.S.A. ). Back from the United states of America he had a limited private practise as a Periodontologist in PARIS. 2 years later he is post graduate in Oral Implantology ( Paris university ) so his practise is limited to Periodontology and Oral Implantology.


Now that’s for more than 15 years that his practise is limited to Periodontology and Oral Implantology. His private surgery is located in Paris ( Avenue de villiers). 1993-1995 he is président of the french academy of cosmétic Dentistry He is an international lecturer and the french consultant for ALTA MEDICA witch is the french division of CAMLOG international implant company ( he is recognized as a specialist in Oral Implantology and practise routinaly all the surgicals technics like Gum surgery bone grafting sinus list procedure and concept of immediat loading implant (one day full treatment) Now he is in partneship with a team of French generals practitioners and realize form them the surgicals procedures of Oral Implantology.


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